Too often, bookkeepers sink a lot of time into looking over a prospective client's books to see what services might be needed.

Not only is this a drain on your time resources, it can often leave some of the biggest QuickBooks issues undetected until after you've accepted a project.

It can also become discouraging when you spend all that time and effort, and the prospect does not move forward with your recommended services.

How would it help you grow your business if you could:

  • Quickly diagnose a prospective client's biggest QBO mistakes and issues.

  • Confidently recommend additional (paid) services to clients based on your review.

  • Know what you are getting into before you take on a cleanup project, or recognize when a deeper-dive paid diagnostic review is needed.

Why use the Smart Review System over any other method?

So you can quickly identify the biggest QBO problems and confidently share the results with a prospective client.

This gives you an opportunity to show your expertise and confidently communicate your value.

With the QBO Smart Review Checklist, you will easily uncover your clients' biggest QBO problems, like:

  • Unreconciled bank accounts

  • The step-by-step workflows we use at VM Wasek, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

  • Problems with Undeposited Funds

  • Uncategorized income, expenses, and assets

  • And much more...

What's included:

  • A video walk-through of how to review your clients' QuickBooks Online in 15 minutes.

  • It also includes a PDF presentation - How to win quality bookkeeping clients with the 15-minute review system.
  • Meet Veronica

    Hi, My name is Veronica Wasek, an entrepreneur, accountant, mentor, and educator. I am a Certified Public Accountant, Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and the Founder of Mavency, a successful virtual bookkeeping business. I am also the founder of 5 Minute Bookkeeping. I've been named a Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor (worldwide) and a Top Accounting Influencer.

    But before all that, I was struggling to succeed in my accounting business, after a the middle of a recession. Yes, it was stressful but I knew I had to find systems and better ways of working to optimize my time while creating huge value for my clients. Now, I'm sharing those systems with you, so you can cut out years of trial and error and make a giant leap forward in your business.

    My goal is to help bookkeepers and accountants become confident business owners and professionals. As much as I love accounting and bookkeeping, I love teaching even more. I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build a thriving practice without the guesswork.
    Veronica Wasek

    Try out the QBO Smart Review Checklist with your next prospective client's QuickBooks to see how much time and effort it will save you, so you can quickly move forward with recommending the needed services, and winning a paid service engagement.

    Top FAQs:

    • Will this Smart Review Checklist show me everything that needs to be fixed in a prospective client's QuickBooks Online?

      This checklist is not meant to replace an in-depth paid diagnostic review, but it is a helpful starting point, requiring minimal time investment, to help you gain a snapshot of the biggest QBO mistakes and issues before you recommend a paid service to your prospective client.

    • How long do I have access to this resource?

      After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.