Have you allowed clients to dictate the terms of your bookkeeping services, and now...

  • You’re constantly dealing with clients who do not respect your boundaries and treat you like an employee.

  • You’re stuck in a never-ending cycle of scope creep.

  • You’re fed up with not getting paid after putting in multiple hours.

  • You’ve lost thousands of dollars in revenue because you didn’t have a clear agreement with your client.

  • You’ve struggled not knowing how to protect your bookkeeping business from bad client relationships.

  • You're feeling frustrated by unclear work scope.

  • You’re not sure if your client knows exactly what services you’ve agreed to do for them.

  • For that matter, you’re not sure if you know exactly what services you’ve agreed to do for your client.

  • You're tired of trying to chase down unresponsive clients.

  • You're not being paid what you're worth.

Instead of struggling, what if you could...

    ✔  Set clear expectations and boundaries with clients about:

    • What you will and will not do.
    • What you expect from them.
    • When and how the work will be performed.

    ✔  Get paid what you're worth:

    • Before work is started.
    • Without the hassle of tedious client invoicing and following up on past-due balances

    ✔  Reinforce the value you provide and the nature of your client relationships:

    • You are not an employee of your client.
    • You are a business owner in control of which clients and projects you choose to take on.

    ✔  Crush your cash-flow woes with recurring client payments

Through this course, you'll discover the power of mastering engagement letters to:

  • Establish unshakable boundaries in your client relationships

  • Secure the value you provide and get paid what you're truly worth

  • Ensure your terms dictate the rhythm of your client relationships

This course includes:

  • 4 Done-for-you
    Engagement Letter templates

      ☆ General bookkeeping services
      ☆ Monthly bookkeeping services
      ☆ Paid Diagnostic Reviews
      ☆ Bookkeeping Cleanup services
  • 25 + Lessons to go over:

      ◈ The purpose of an engagement letter
      ◈ When to use an engagement letter
      ◈ The essential sections of a
      bookkeeping engagement letter
      ◈ Options for preparing engagement letters with and without an app
      ◈ Options for invoicing and getting paid
      ◈ The purpose of each section of the engagement letters & what's included
  • 2 Bonus resources
    Downloadable and ready to use

      ⇓ Sample monthly bookkeeping
      service packages
      ⇓ Sample Recurring Payment Authorization Form

Meet your instructor

Hi, My name is Jessi Harris. I oversee business operations at Mavency. More than a decade ago, I started working with Veronica Wasek just 3 hours a week - hard to believe, right? During this time, I've been involved in various aspects, including client bookkeeping, onboarding, enhancing client experience, and optimizing our apps and workflows. Presently, my focus is on refining Mavency's systems and processes while ensuring our clients receive the best possible service.

Throughout the years, working with numerous clients has given me a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of running a successful bookkeeping business. We've encountered challenges, learned valuable lessons from our mistakes, and ultimately, these experiences have shaped Mavency into a thriving bookkeeping business. Central to Mavency's success are our tried-and-true systems and processes.

My aim is to help virtual bookkeepers to fast-track their business journey. I'm genuinely excited about sharing my knowledge and experience with you so that you can establish a prosperous business with confidence and clarity.
Veronica Wasek

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome & about this course

    • Copyright and information about the course resources and forms provided - please read

    • The 5MB Academy for Virtual Bookkeepers and Accountants (and 10% discount code)

  • 2


    • 1-1 Purpose of an engagement letter

    • 1-2 When to use an engagement letter

    • 1-3 Essentials of a bookkeeping engagement letter

    • 1-4 Options with or without an app

    • 1-5 Starter option

    • 1-6 Growth option

    • 1-7 Advanced option

  • 3


    • 2-1 Section overview

    • 2-2 Introduction

    • 2-3 Scope of Services

    • 2-4 Payment Terms

    • 2-5 Terms of Service

    • 2-6 Confirmation of Terms

    • 2-7 Template - General Engagement Letter for Bookkeepers

  • 4


    • 3-1 Section overview

    • 3-2 Scope of Services

    • 3-3 Payment Terms

    • 3-4 Terms of Service

    • 3-5 Template - Monthly Bookkeeping Services Engagement Letter

    • 3-6 BONUS: Template - Sample Monthly Bookkeeping Service Packages

    • 3-7 BONUS: Template - Sample Recurring Credit Card or Bank ACH Authorization Form

  • 5


    • 4-1 Section overview

    • 4-2 Scope of Services

    • 4-3 Payment Terms

    • 4-4 Terms of Service

    • 4-5 Confidentiality and Non-disclosure for Paid Diagnostic Review

    • 4-6 Template - Paid Diagnostic Review Engagement Letter

  • 6


    • 5-1 Section overview

    • 5-2 Scope of Services

    • 5-3 Payment Terms

    • 5-4 Terms of Service

    • 5-5 Template - Bookkeeping Cleanup Services Engagement Letter

  • 7


    • 6-1 Implementing what you've learned

Top FAQ's:

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Due to the massive value and resources provided in this course, we do not provide a money-back guarantee.

    If you are unsatisfied with this course, contact us in the first 30 days and we will discuss your specific circumstances and agree upon a mutually beneficial resolution.

  • Is this course included in other 5MB Academy courses?

    This course is NOT included in other 5MB Academy courses. But, if you want to purchase multiple courses, look for the Bundles section for extra savings.

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