Are you stuck in a cycle of attracting the wrong bookkeeping clients over and over again?

  • Does this sound familiar:

  • Without clarity and purpose in your marketing approach you end up frustrated and feeling like you have to take on any and all clients and services that come your way for any price.

  • The idea of putting yourself out there to find and attract quality bookkeeping clients feels intimidating and overwhelming and makes you want to hide in a corner.

  • You may view yourself as introverted and fear talking to new people or feel insecure about how they will perceive you.

  • You lack the training or the “right” words and language to know how to effectively communicate what you do.

  • You are uncomfortable with confrontation and are timid asking for what you’re worth.

  • You compete for clients based on your ability to provide “accurate”, “speedy”, or “cheap” services and lack differentiation from other bookkeepers.

  • You are a people pleaser and have trouble saying "no" to the wrong clients.

  • You are frustrated that clients treat you like an employee rather than a capable professional.

  • You are tired of cheap clients and "tire kickers" wasting your time and wish you could work with clients who recognize your value.

What if you could stop spinning your wheels and watch your bookkeeping business take off in the right direction?

Imagine if you could:

✔   Overcome the negative self-talk and gain clarity and confidence into who you are and what you do.

✔   Tap into your ability to differentiate yourself from other bookkeepers with a marketing message as unique as you are.

✔   Identify and attract the clients you want to work with, who value and respect you.

✔   Tackle your fears and insecurities to find your greater purpose and transform your business.

✔   Discover a profitable niche that perfectly suits you and allows you to shine your brightest.

✔   Create unique connections with ideal clients who feel like they already know you and are convinced that you are the only one who can help them.

✔   Effectively communicate your value and make it simple for your ideal client to say “yes” to you.

Market Like an Extrovert is different from other courses because:

  • This course was created by a fellow “introvert” who has walked in your shoes and knows the unique challenges of building an effective and sustainable marketing strategy.

  • In this course, Veronica Wasek shares her experience and insights to help you find your voice and successfully reach your ideal bookkeeping clients.

  • This course takes a wholistic approach to first address your mindset, then walks you through crafting your unique message and creating an action-based marketing strategy that you can begin implementing right away within any budget or time frame.

  • The ‘bite-sized’ video lessons not only walk you through creating your marketing strategy from A-Z, they also highlight real-world examples and demonstrate the essential “how to’s” for setting up and implementing your marketing.

  • It’s also packed full of valuable resources, including a workbook with each section to take action as you go along and a one year membership to a dedicated Facebook group for students to interact with each other and Veronica Wasek for additional support.
  • What you'll be able to do after implementing this 3-Step marketing system:

    • Gain clarity into who you are, what you do and who you do it for.

    • Create effective social media profiles that attract the clients you want to work with.

    • Understand how you create value for ideal clients and communicate that value.

    • Attract qualified prospects so they can take the next step toward becoming your client.

    • Understand the journey to finding and refining your niche.

    • Put together a content marketing strategy to amplify your message and reach your ideal client.

    • Make effective YouTube videos to attract qualified leads.

    This course includes:

    • All the video lessons and handouts

      Over 70 videos where I guide you through all the lessons. Each lesson includes a PDF handout.

    • Student course workbook

      Take action on your own with the Student Workbook provided with each lesson, so you can implement what you learn as you go through the course.

    • Facebook and LinkedIn banner templates

      Instantly boost your Facebook and LinkedIn pages’ appeal with your choice of many done-for-you banner templates included in this course.

    • Sample calls to action

      30 examples of getting your prospective clients to take action and book a discovery call with you.

    • Guide to biggest accounting needs by industry

      Use this guide to identify common accounting problems by industry so you can address your ideal client’s biggest needs.

    • Sample lead magnets

      3 example lead magnets to spark your imagination.

    • Sample "elevator speech"

      Over 50 done-for-you examples for communicating how you help your ideal client to achieve their desired goals.

    • Video planning worksheet

      A video planning checklist to help you organize and plan effective video content.

    • Content planning template

      A guide for generating content marketing ideas that speaks to your ideal client.

    • Scheduling app tech stach

      A guide to using a scheduling app to set up your discovery calls

    • Tech and equipment stack for making videos

      A list of the exact tech tools and equipment stack I use for making my videos.

    • 1-year Membership in a private student Facebook group

      Take action together in the student Facebook group where you can interact with other course students and ask questions directly to the course creator, Veronica Wasek.

    What students are saying about this and other 5MB Academy courses...

    Meet Veronica

    Hi, My name is Veronica Wasek, an entrepreneur, accountant, mentor, and educator. I am a Certified Public Accountant, Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and the founder/CEO of VM Wasek, a successful virtual bookkeeping and consulting business serving e-commerce clients. I am also the founder of 5 Minute Bookkeeping. I've been named a Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor (worldwide) and a Top Accounting Influencer.

    But before all that, I was struggling to succeed in my accounting business, after a layoff... in the middle of a recession. I wondered how I was going to get clients and replace my full-time income. I remember waiting for an email or phone call, wondering where the next client would come from. I realized that in order to succeed I had to differentiate myself and speak directly to my ideal client about their specific needs and solve their biggest problems. As a result of a lot of trial and error, I developed my marketing system. I worked on my own mindset to gain confidence because I perceived myself as an introvert and shy.

    My goal is to help virtual bookkeepers and online sellers become confident business owners. As much as I love accounting and technology, I love teaching even more. I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build a thriving business without the guesswork.
    Veronica Wasek

    Not sure if Market Like an Extrovert is right for you?

    • If you are struggling to find quality clients, then this course will guide you through crafting a concise marketing message so you can let your inner sparkle shine through to attract ideal clients.

    • If you are ready to take control of your marketing strategy and effectively amplify your message, this course will teach you the exact tools to use and provide examples and demonstrations to set you up for success.

    • If you are ready to grow your bookkeeping business with the right clients, you’ll find the inspiration, direction, tools and resources in this course to do just that!

    Through this course you’ll realize that you have everything in you to reach your highest potential and the only things holding you back are your own fear, doubt and distractions.

    You’ll see that you don't have to be like anyone else. You can give up on being perfect and instead be the best version of yourself.

    It’s your time to shine!
    Be so unique they can't ignore you.

    Course curriculum

    • 1


      • About this course | Navigating the course content

      • Copyright and information about the course resources and forms provided - please read

      • The 5MB Academy for Virtual Bookkeepers and Accountants (and 10% discount code)

    • 2


      • 0-0 Section 0 - PDF of video lesson

      • 0-1 Welcome to Market Like An Extrovert

      • 0-2 Join the exclusive FaceBook Community for students of this course

      • Introduction: workbook

    • 3


      • 1-0 Section 1 - PDF of video lessons

      • 1-1 Introduction | What is marketing?

      • 1-2 What does being an introvert really mean?

      • 1-3 Your money mindset

      • 1-4 Who you are

      • 1-5 Dealing with fear and self-limiting thoughts

      • Section 1 workbook

    • 4


      • 2-0 Section 2 - PDF of video lessons

      • 2-1 Introduction | What is brand?

      • 2-2 Crafting your image

      • 2-3 Your About Me section

      • 2-4 Brand colors and images

      • 2-5 Your business name

      • 2-6 Pulling it all together

      • 2-7 Accounting industry brands I like

      • Section 2 workbook

    • 5


      • 3-0 Section 3 - PDF of video lessons

      • 3-1 Introduction | Common misconceptions about value

      • 3-2 Sources of real client value

      • 3-3 The value scale

      • 3-4 Communicating value effectively

      • Section 3 workbook

    • 6


      • 4-0 Section 4 - PDF of video lessons

      • 4-1 Who is an ideal client | Describing your ideal client

      • 4-2 Finding your ideal client

      • 4-3 Your ideal client's biggest needs

      • 4-4 Your ideal client's language

      • 4-5 Resource - Common needs by industry

      • Section 4 workbook

    • 7


      • 5-0 Section 5 - PDF of video lessons

      • 5-1 What is a niche?

      • 5-2 The niche journey

      • 5-3 Finding a niche

      • 5-4 Researching your niche

      • 5-5 Profitable niche ideas

      • 5-6 Niche bookkeepers and accountants

      • Section 5 workbook

    • 8


      • 6-0 Section 6 - PDF of video lessons

      • 6-1 Introduction - the 3 C's of amplifying your message

      • 6-2 Key components of your marketing message

      • 6-3 The "I help" formula | the key to getting your message across

      • 6-4 Where to amplify your marketing message

      • 6-5 How to amplify your message

      • 6-6 Facebook

      • 6-7 Facebook groups

      • 6-8 LinkedIn

      • 6-9 Google Business Profile

      • 6-10 Your website

      • 6-11 QuickBooks Find A ProAdvisor Listing

      • 6-12 App partner directories

      • 6-13 Instagram

      • 6-14 Freelancer sites

      • 6-15 Final words of wisdom

      • Section 6 workbook

    • 9


      • 7-0 Section 7 - PDF of video lessons

      • 7-1 The call to action

      • 7-2 The discovery call

      • 7-3 Using a scheduling app

      • 7-4 The discovery call workflow

      • 7-5 Asking for the sale

      • 7-6 Resource: Examples of calls to action

      • Section 7 workbook

    • 10


      • 8-0 Section 8 - PDF of video lessons

      • 8-1 Content marketing | My journey

      • 8-2 Content planning

      • 8-3 Generating content marketing ideas

      • 8-4 Content marketing workflow

      • 8-5 Save time by repurposing content

      • 8-6 Using Canva for easy images

      • 8-7 Your free resource (lead magnet)

      • 8-8A Resource - Sample lead magnet - QBO Banking Transactions Cheat Sheet

      • 8-8B Resource - Sample lead magnet - The most important QBO reports

      • 8-8C Resource - Sample lead magnet - Understanding Forms 1099-NEC and W-9

      • Section 8 workbook

    • 11


      • 9-0 Section 9 - PDF of video lessons

      • 9-1 Effectiveness of making YouTube videos | Common objections to making videos

      • 9-2 Tech and equipment stack to make videos

      • 9-3 Parts of a YouTube video

      • 9-4 The essentials of recording your video

      • 9-5 Video editing and production workflow

      • 9-6 Filmora editing software walk-thru

      • 9-7 Filmora editing basic tutorial

      • 9-8 Resource: Video planning worksheet (PDF)

      • Section 9 workbook

    Top FAQ's:

    • I'm a brand new bookkeeper, just starting my business. Is this course too advanced for me?

      This course great for you in any stage of building your business. The earlier the better, so you can set a solid foundation with clarity and focus.

    • I don't use QuickBooks. Can I still use this course?

      Absolutely! This course is not tied to using any specific accounting platform.

    • I’m super busy running by bookkeeping business, and will have to take my time on completing this course. How long do I have access to the course? 

      When you sign up you get immediate access to all lessons and you can do the lessons at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the course and all the material, so there is no need to worry if you have to take it slowly.

    • I don't live in the US. Is this course only for US bookkeepers?

      The strategies taught in this course apply to bookkeepers worldwide. You do not have to be based in the US to implement this 3-step marketing system. Any recommended apps and tools can be found and used anywhere.

    • Is there a payment plan available for this course?

      Yes! And you get access to all the lessons as soon as you purchase the course.

    • Do you offer a refund for this course, if I am not satisfied?

      Due to the massive value and resources provided in this course, we do not provide a money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with this course, contact us in the first 30 days and we will discuss your specific circumstances and agree upon a mutually beneficial resolution.

    • Does this course offer closed caption subtitles for the video lessons?

      It sure does! English captions are included on each video in the course.

    Pricing options

    You will receive instant access to all course lessons upon purchase