Starting and growing a virtual bookkeeping business can feel impossible without a roadmap...

  • There are about a million apps out there and you're not sure which ones you need.

  • You want to be CONFIDENT in your systems and know that you're doing your clients' books right.

  • You want to work virtually with clients but you don't know how to do it efficiently.

  • You're not sure how to onboard new clients correctly.

  • You want to set clear boundaries with clients but you just don't know how.

  • You feel like you're in over your head and like you're missing something important at every turn.

How much easier would it be if you had a proven map to help you build your firm?

  • No more second guessing if you're forgetting something crucial

  • Find the perfect tools and software to meet your needs on the first try

  • Confidently engage with new clients knowing you can meet and exceed their expectations

  • Spend your time making money and taking care of clients, instead of sorting through a mess

  • End each day knowing you're on track and exactly where you should be with your client work
  • The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap is unique, because it not only teaches you how to turn your bookkeeping skills into a thriving virtual business, it also gives you:

    • Proven apps and tech stacks to run your practice more efficiently and how you can choose the perfect tech for your unique needs.

    • Proven step-by-step workflows and best practices so you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

    • Checklists, templates, and forms so you'll hit the ground running like you've been doing this for years!

    • The secret to smooth onboarding and stress-free client engagements.

    • Monthly bookkeeping and quality control workflows and checklists to ensure that you're delivering quality work to your clients.

    • Exclusive student Facebook group with direct access to Veronica Wasek for one full year.

    • and much, MUCH more!

    This course will teach you how to run your virtual bookkeeping practice so you can bypass YEARS of trial, error, and costly mistakes, including:

    • Step-by-step video tutorials showing Veronica's proven processes.

    • Sample monthly bookkeeping packages to help you design the perfect package for your ideal clients.

    • App stack recommendations for every budget and experience level.

    • A client onboarding checklist and systems to onboard new clients with ease, gather all the info you need, and keep it organized.

    • Customizable monthly workflows to help you manage client work status and due dates confidently and efficiently.

    • A quality control checklist and a proven review system to ensure the books are error-free and ready to go.

    • Done for you file structures for organizing your paperless document management system to ensure that files stay organized.

    • Client onboarding checklist, templates, and scripts.

    • A client manual you can give your clients so they know exactly what's expected of them.

    • The 5-step monthly bookkeeping workflow.

    • A process for managing due dates and tracking clients' work status.

    • Best practices and lessons learned after more than a decade in business.

    Here's what you're going to get:

  • Over 40 training videos that cover everything you need to know to run your virtual firm.
  • Templates, forms, and checklists you can use to simplify and streamline your work each and every day.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of the workflows and reviews that have proven successful for us and for our students.
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of the workflows and reviews that have proven successful for us and for our students.
  • Proven systems for taking control of your business and setting clear client boundaries.

    As a special bonus, you'll also get:

  • Exclusive student Facebook group access to find support and community with other bookkeepers.
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    What others are saying...

    Meet Veronica

    Hi, My name is Veronica Wasek, an entrepreneur, accountant, mentor, and educator. I am a Certified Public Accountant, Advanced QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and the founder of Mavency, a successful virtual bookkeeping and consulting business serving e-commerce clients. I am also the founder of 5 Minute Bookkeeping. I've been named a Top 10 QuickBooks ProAdvisor (worldwide) and a Top Accounting Influencer.

    But before all that, I was struggling to succeed in my bookkeeping business, after a the middle of a recession. Yes, it was stressful but I knew I had to find systems and better ways of working to optimize my time while creating huge value for my clients. Now, I'm sharing those systems with you, so you can cut out years of trial and error and make a giant leap forward in your business.

    My goal is to help virtual bookkeepers become confident business owners. As much as I love accounting and technology, I love teaching even more. I'm excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, so you can build a thriving business without the guesswork.
    Veronica Wasek

    Is this course a good fit for you?

    The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap is perfect for you if:

    • You've got the bookkeeping skills and experience and need to know how to turn it into a thriving virtual practice.

    • You're making the move from corporate accounting and you need a system to confidently manage clients now that you're the boss!

    • You've been flying solo as a bookkeeper and you're finally ready to build a team and efficiently scale your business to the next level.

    • It's time to take your brick and mortar bookkeeping firm virtual so you can serve more perfect-for-you clients.

    • You want to save time and slash trial and error by using proven systems to accelerate your journey.

    What others are saying...

    Course curriculum

    • 1


    • 2


      • 1A-0 Section 1 - PDF of video lessons

      • 1A-1 Introduction_my journey

      • 1A-2 Roadblocks in our industry

      • 1A-3 Mapping your path_your vision

      • 1A-4 Mapping your path_systems

      • 1A-5 Resource: Ideal business planning form

      • 1A-6 Resource: Ideal client profile

    • 3


      • 1B-0 Section 1B - PDF of video lessons

      • 1B-1 Introduction to service packages

      • 1B-2 Which services should you provide?

      • 1B-3 Service packages demo

      • 1B-4 Resource: Service package template (Word)

    • 4


      • 2-0 Section 2 - PDF of video lessons

      • 2-1 Introduction and mindset

      • 2-2 Basic business apps

      • 2-3 Service delivery apps

      • 2-4 Workflow management apps

      • 2-5 Sales and marketing apps

      • 2-6 Niche apps_finding apps

      • 2-7 Lessons learned

      • 2-8 Resource: Tech stack recommendations

      • 2-9 Tech stack: assignment

    • 5


      • 3-0 Section 3 - PDF of video lessons

      • 3-1 Introduction_Purpose of document management

      • 3-2 Setting up your file structure

      • 3-3 Document management app considerations

      • 3-4 Lessons learned, Resources and Assignment

    • 6


      • 4-0 Section 4 - PDF of video lessons

      • 4-1 Introduction_Onboarding

      • 4-2 Onboarding workflows

      • 4-3 items needed from clients

      • 4-4 Best practices and lessons learned

      • 4-5 Resources: Onboarding apps

      • 4-6 Resources: Client onboarding roles

      • 4-7 Resources: Client Onboarding Checklist

      • 4-8 Resources: Documents needed from client

      • 4-9 Resources: Initial welcome email and introductions

      • 4-10 Invitation to client portal

      • 4-11 Resources: Initial items needed from client - template

      • 4-12 Resources: Email for scheduling client Kick-off meeting - sample

      • 4-13 Resources: Agenda - Client Kick-off meeting

      • 4-14 Resource: Agenda - Hand-off meeting (sales team to onboarding team)

      • 4:15 Resource: Document management - onboarding file structure

      • 4-16 Basic Bookkeeping services engagement letter_TEMPLATE

      • 4-17 Bonus: Client manual

      • 4-18 Client onboarding: Assignment

    • 7


      • 5-0 Section 5 - PDF of video lessons

      • 5-1 Introduction_Using QBOA

      • 5-2 Documents needed for monthly bookkeeping

      • 5-3 Monthly Bookkeeping cycle

      • 5-4 Setting up the monthly bookkeeping template

      • 5-5 Managing work status and due dates

      • 5-5B Demonstration: Set up an Asana project board

      • 5-6 Lessons learned_assignment

    • 8


      • 6-0 Section 6 - PDF of video lessons

      • 6-1 Introduction & bookkeeping review workflow

      • 6-2 Bookkeeping review checklist: overview

      • 6-3 Bookkeeping review Part 1 - Banking_Undeposited Funds

      • 6-4 Bookkeeping review Part 2 - Income and COGS

      • 6-5 Bookkeeping review Part 3 Expenses_Other Income_ Other Expense

      • 6-6 Bookkeeping review Part 4 - Balance Sheet review

      • 6-7 Bookkeeping review Part 5 - A/R & A/P review

      • 6-8 Performing the Manager Review

      • 6-9 Using the Keeper app for monthly review

      • 6-10 Lessons learned

      • 6-11 Resource: Bookkeeping Review and Quality Control Checklist

    • 9


      • 7-1 Team and client collaboration

      • Demo of keeper app with Ben Stein: Webinar recording

    • 10


      • 8-1 Growing and scaling your business through offshoring

    Top FAQ's:

    • I'm not sure I have time to complete this course right now. How long do I have access to the course?

      Whether you choose the one-payment plan or the 3-payment plan, when you sign up you get immediate access to all lessons and you can do the lessons at your own pace.

      You have lifetime access to the course and all the material, so there's no need to worry if you need to take it slowly.

    • I'm not sure if I'm ready for this course. Do I need bookkeeping experience?

      This course doesn't teach the basics of bookkeeping or how to use QuickBooks Online. So, if you're a bookkeeper, you should have a good understanding of both before diving into this course.

      If you're new to bookkeeping, please feel free to check out my other bookkeeping resources and come back to this course when you're ready.

    • My bookkeeping practice is still small. Does this course make sense for me?

      This program is a good fit for those who want to grow their bookkeeping business, take a brick & mortar business virtual, or transition out of a bookkeeper or accountant 9-5 and become your own boss.

      If you're ready to invest in yourself and create the virtual firm of your dreams, specializing in a growing niche, this course is for you.

    • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

      Due to the massive value and resources provided in this course, we do not provide a money-back guarantee.

      If you are unsatisfied with this course, contact us in the first 30 days and we will discuss your specific circumstances and agree upon a mutually beneficial resolution.

    • I don't live in the US. Is this course only for US bookkeepers?

      We have students in The Virtual Bookkeeper's Roadmap from all over the world. The content is not specific to US bookkeepers.

    • Does this course include other 5MB Academy courses?

      This course does NOT include other 5MB Academy courses. But, if you want to purchase multiple courses, look for the Bundles section for extra savings.

    • Is there a payment plan available for this course?

      Yes! And you get access to all the lessons as soon as you purchase the course.

    • Does this course offer closed caption subtitles for the video lessons?

      It sure does! English captions are included on each video in the course.

    Pricing options

    You will receive instant access to all course lessons upon purchase